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Online Meeting

Past Online Events

Our online roundtables are a forum for members to network virtually and exchange perspectives on board related themes and topics. They feature high profile panel speakers, including experienced Non Executive Directors, board advisors and recruiters, academics and consultants with subject matter expertise on building effective corporate boards. 


Become part of our community to attend our online roundtables. Video recordings of past events are available to view.


Remuneration Committee: How to Attract and Retain Top Talents

12 April 2024


What the Audit Committee Should Never Miss

18 March 2024


How to start your Journey as a Board member in Emerging Markets

15 February 2024


Board’s 2024 Strategy Amidst Geopolitical Risks & Macro Uncertainty

25 January 2024


When and how Boards should Redefine their Corporate Strategy due to Evolving ESG Regulation

25 October 2023


How to Elevate AI awareness at Board level

25 July 2023


New Challenges for the Boards in Frontier Markets

17 May 2023


What's Wrong with the Banks

20 April 2023


Corporate Governance in EM: Key Red Flags to Watch out for

16 March 2023

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