Uniting Corporate Boards

For Positive Change in Emerging Markets

IMPACT BOARDS EM is a partnership-funded, not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2020 in response to Board members’ demand for collaboration on addressing global emergencies and achieving sustainable business transition across the Emerging Markets.

We are led by a team of Board members and high profile Emerging Market experts with experience of 20+ years each in finance, legal and ESG.

We promote the best practices of corporate governance, board diversity and climate change awareness in Emerging Markets.

We are passionate about building a professional unique community of Board members to help Emerging Markets prosper sustainably.


2 November 2023

Impact Boards EM News

Impact Boards EM is taking a part in ESG Energy and Mining Forum 2023, organised by The Natural Resources Forum

27 October 2023

Impact Boards EM News

Impact Boards Emerging Markets and REDD Intelligence Sign Partnership Agreement

14 October 2023

Impact Boards EM News

Impact Boards EM Quarterly Newsletter July - September 2023 Newsletter
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12 April 2024

open event

Remuneration Committee: How to attract and retain top talents

20 March 2024

invitation event

ESG Frameworks for Sustainable Investments in Emerging Markets

18 March 2024

open event

What the Audit Committee Should Never Miss
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Climate Awareness

Global Trends in climate change litigation: 2023 Snapshot

International organisations

Corporate Governance Review The Republic of Kazakhstan 2022

Diversity and Inclusion

FTSE Women Leaders Review
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