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Impact Boards Emerging Markets is a non-profit organisation that aims to create an ecosystem for non executive directors in emerging market companies to network, share knowledge, develop professionally, and find their next board position.


Board members can connect with their global peers and capital providers, learn from first class consulting organisations, meet financial institutions, and get corporate and climate governance insights from curated intelligence and research sources, all under one roof.

We invite you to join us and become part of our rapidly growing professional community.

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Our mission is to bring good corporate governance to emerging markets and help emerging market companies become global leaders. 

UNITE: Build a community of global Board members and stakeholders to influence best practices of corporate governance in emerging markets.

IMPACT: Increase Board effectiveness by engaging with Directors to incorporate best practices on board independence, diversity and climate risk awareness by connecting high-calibre directors with emerging market boards.

EDUCATE: Educate Boards through knowledge sharing (events and networking), research (proprietary and third-party) and training seminars (group and bespoke).


Connect Directors with Directors

Elevate standards in corporate and climate governance within emerging market companies through collaboration. We aim to improve the foundation for organisations and ensure that they are better equipped to address global and regional challenges in a rapidly evolving operating environment.

Promote diversity and independence

Our target is to increase Independent Directors on corporate boards to 50% and the share of board seats for women to at least 30%.

Support climate transition

Improve the understanding of climate risks and opportunities among our platform members and help their boards steer the decarbonisation process. 

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Business meeting



Organise regular online and offline global events to encourage open dialogue, experience sharing and collaboration. 


Provide various professional development courses and career transformation opportunities to enhance board director’s business acumen and grow their knowledge. 


Collaborate with emerging market boards and leading recruitment agencies to build highly professional and diversified boards.


Partner with top think-tanks and corporate governance stakeholders to produce topical research about corporate governance in emerging markets. 

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Contact Us

Contact Impact Boards Emerging Markets for more information about the work we do, the ethos behind it, and how it can benefit you and your organisation.

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