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As a membership organisation, we serve as the voice of our members, advocating your concerns and feedback, while continuing to find solutions for challenges occupying boards and directors.

18 January 2024

members event

Capital access for EM companies - tapping into international markets through ESG and good governance

7 December 2023

Invitation Only Event

Brazilian Corporate Governance - Perspectives on Banking, Investment and Regulations

8 November 2023

Invitation Only Event

Addressing G To Fix E And S: A New Perspective On Investing in EM

25 October 2023

open event

When and how Boards should redefine their corporate Strategy due to evolving ESG Regulation?

11 October 2023


The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Mexico, and External Regulatory Pressures

10 October 2023

Invitation Only Event

The Evolution of Mexico’s Corporate Governance