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How to Elevate AI awareness at Board level

25 July 2023

The success of any companies' future prospects in navigating rapid growth and securing competitive advantage can be greatly influenced by new technologies, such as AI, and the risks of cyberattacks. Education and awareness are key to implementing best practices as early as possible in the fast-changing environment.

Our panel discussion focused on the challenges traditional companies face amidst new technologies and security risks.

The roundtable featured four speakers with diverse expertise in the field of finance, technology, corporate governance and cybersecurity. They  shared their insights and experiences on the following key topics:

1. The role of corporate governance in building awareness about new technologies;

2. How can AI balance the need for innovation and agility with the requirements of good corporate governance? What is the special role of the Board of Directors in this environment?

3. Is there any valuation adjustment for / lack of strong tech awareness at the board level?

4. The role of regulators in ensuring good corporate governance practices in the AI environment;

5. Cyber resilience is everyone’s business. How do Boards of Directors get involved to build resilience across every business function?

The video recording for this roundtable discussion can be viewed below.


Important Disclaimer: Chatham House Rules apply to this video recording. When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, subject to strict restrictions. Under these, the identities of third parties mentioned, event participants, the event speakers or their affiliations may not be revealed.

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