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Board’s 2024 Strategy Amidst Geopolitical Risks & Macro Uncertainty

25 January 2024

Uncertainty remains the name of the game in 2024 as global economies continue to grapple with the series of shocks in 2023 – from the Israel-Hamas war to the sharpest tightening cycle witnessed in decades amidst persistently high inflation and banking failures earlier in the year.

The risk outlook remains elevated – geopolitical tensions, also due to the war in Ukraine, trade tensions with China and a heavy election calendar around the globe, are likely to continue creating inflationary pressures and weighing on growth prospects.

Against this backdrop, board directors and executive management teams continue to prioritise resilience against geopolitical risks as a top agenda of their corporate and board strategy. So what are the biggest risks they should expect to face in 2024? With risks impacting activity in some of the largest economic centres in a highly interconnected world, should boards pivot from these markets and to where? Are boards facing skill gaps when it comes to understanding the impact of geopolitics on companies and what are some frameworks they may consider to resolve this gap?

We had an engaging discussion on this extremely relevant topic with our community of board directors and stakeholders of corporate governance. The video is available to view via the link below.

The video recording for this roundtable discussion can be viewed below.


Important Disclaimer: Chatham House Rules apply to this video recording. When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, subject to strict restrictions. Under these, the identities of third parties mentioned, event participants, the event speakers or their affiliations may not be revealed.

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