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Past Events

We participate in online and offline events and conferences around the world in collaboration with our partners and other stakeholders of corporate governance who share our mission and values. 

Please contact us on the link below to know more.

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Corporate Governance: Do EM Investors care?

REDD Intelligence/ISI Emerging Markets
Inaugural Summit, London

16 October 2023

REDD Intelligence/ISI Emerging Markets held their inaugural Summit in London on 16th October to discuss the recent market performance and investment opportunities in Emerging markets at the ISI Emerging Markets Summit in London on October 16.
IBEM Co-Founder and Chair Olga Pascault participated as a panellist and highlighted the key advantages and challenges of implementing ESG metrics in the investment process, with a particular focus on corporate governance.
Speakers discussed why asset managers should increasingly focus on the challenges of corporate governance in Emerging Markets and what the practical approach is to evaluate the quality of the issuers’ boards, their corporate culture, and risk management.
REDD Intelligence are a partner of Impact Boards EM. To know more, visit their website on the link below.

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