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Proxy Season in Brazil

Updated: May 28

Morrow Sodali's review shines a light on shareholder engagement and corporate governance trends.

This edition features a comprehensive review of the 2023 Proxy Season in Brazil, as well as bringing together expert analyses and perspectives from industry leaders to provide you with valuable insights into the key trends shaping corporate governance practices in 2024.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect from this publication:

  • Foreword by Agnes Blanco Querido: Morrow Sodali's Head of Brazil sets the scene for the 2023 proxy season in Brazil, highlighting the progress made despite the turbulent environment.

  • Brazilian 2023 Proxy Season Review: Delve into the 2023 Proxy Season in Brazil with our expert analysis. We cover key corporate governance and sustainability trends emerging from AGMs, including board independence and gender diversity.  

  • A New Cycle Ahead: A Glimpse into Brazil's 2024 Governance Trends by Fábio Henrique de Sousa Coelho: Gain insights into the key trends emerging in Brazil's corporate landscape for 2024, including fiscal spending impact on monetary easing, M&A trends, governance discussions surrounding IPOs, political interference in SOEs, and more.

  • Corporate Governance Trends in 2024 by Valeria Café & Luiz Martha: Expert insight into key corporate governance trends for 2024, emphasizing ESG aspects, technology's impact, transparency in non-financial issues, and the revision of IBGC's Code of Best Practices of Corporate Governance.

  • The Importance of LGBTQIAPN+ Individuals as Board Members by Robert Juenemann: Highlighting the significance of LGBTQIAPN+ representation on boards and its impact on corporate culture and ESG practices.  

  • Corporate Governance and Stewardship: Two sides of the same coin by Geraldo Affonso Ferreira: Explore the relationship between Governance and Stewardship in Brazil, focusing on ethical management and the concept of Stewardship for fostering trust in the Brazilian capital market.

  • The Role of Investor Relations in Annual General Meetings and the Significance of AGMs in Shareholder Relations by Renata Oliva Battiferro & Luiz Henrique Valverde: Explore the pivotal role of Investor Relations in AGMs, fostering transparent communication and shareholder engagement amidst evolving sustainability demands.

Read the full report below.

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