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Diverse Boards are Credible when they are Inclusionary

In collaboration with WomenExecs on Boards

8 October 2023 | Impact Boards EM Research 

The benefits of having a diverse board are being acknowledged around the world, thus resulting in gradually changing board compositions. However, simply changing the board composition will not result in better decision-making, innovation, and organisational performance.  


Promoting diversity on boards goes hand-in-hand with inspiring an inclusive culture, where board directors have a sense of belonging and feel that their opinions are valued, respected, and accepted. Directors, particularly those from under-represented groups, should be encouraged to provide their opinions freely to avoid the pitfalls of groupthink. Greater representation of backgrounds and competencies will likely result in different perspectives when directors are truly given a voice on the board, thus leading to a better identification of the risks and opportunities.

Impact Boards EM, in collaboration with WomenExecs on Boards (WEoB), conducted a deep dive into this topic to uncover some insights through the varied and rich experiences of women board directors around the globe. Please click here for read the paper.


Our heartfelt thanks to the Board Directors from WEoB for their invaluable insights and openness to share their real-life experiences. For further information on our research resources or to collaborate on research please contact us on

Impact Boards EM | WomenExecs on Boards

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