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COP26 Presidency Outcomes The Climate Pact

After 13 days of intense negotiations, COP26 concluded on Saturday 13th November 2021 with every Party at COP26 - representing almost 200 countries - agreeing the Glasgow Climate Pact. This global agreement will accelerate action on climate this decade, and finally completes the Paris Rulebook.

A record-breaking number of delegates gathered in Glasgow for this critical COP. Powerful progress has been made since the UK was designated the incoming Presidency. The aim of the UK COP26 Presidency was to keep alive the hope of limiting the rise in global temperature to 1.5C, and the Glasgow Climate Pact does just that. Combined with increased ambition and action from countries, 1.5C remains in sight, but it will only be achieved if every country delivers on what they have pledged.

The UK Presidency has given significantly more focus to championing real world sectoral action than ever before. For the first time, COP agreed a position on phasing down unabated coal power.

The Glasgow Climate Pact is the climax of two years of fervent diplomacy and ambition raising. The Presidency’s work focused on delivering the Glasgow Climate Pact and driving action across the globe on:

·        Mitigation - reducing emissions

·        Adaptation - helping those already impacted by climate change

·        Finance - enabling countries to deliver on their climate goals

·        Collaboration - working together to deliver even greater action

The UK Presidency has made progress on each of its four goals, full details of which are included in the following document. The Glasgow Climate Pact will speed up the pace of climate action. However, even with the action committed both during and before COP26, communities around the world will continue to feel the impact of our changing planet, we must continue the work of COP26 with concerted and immediate global effort to deliver on all pledges.

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