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The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Mexico and External Regulatory Pressures

11 October 2023

Impact Boards ЕМ teamed up with BIVA to host a conference in Mexico City on 11th October 2023 to discuss Mexico’s evolution of corporate governance and the impact of external regulatory pressures. Impact Board EM's Co-Founder and CEO, Gregorio Saichin, hosted a panel to delve into this topic.

Gregorio Saichin: "This forum is very timely, as Mexico is a destination for nearshoring and should be a recipient of foreign investment. The attractiveness of Mexico will be shaped to some degree by the reinforcement of CG practices at a time when the need for sustainable business models has become a business for corporate Boards to consider. The impact of European regulation through disclosure, such as CSRD for companies and SFDR for investors, is also likely to affect changes to CG and sustainable practices. We look forward to stirring up some debate in Mexico and conclusions among NEDs, policymakers, investors, bankers, and C-suite executives."

Venue: BIVA Auditorium, Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho 36, Lomas Virreyes

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