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Uniting Corporate Boards in Emerging Markets

Impact Boards Emerging Markets was founded in 2020 (official launch in January 2023) in response to board members' demand for collaboration on bringing best corporate governance practices and to pursue a sustainable business transition across Emerging Markets.

Our membership based and partnership based business model is designed to "partner directors with directors". Our platform offers a range of high quality services to our board directors and affiliates whilst allowing them to network and share their knowledge with other members in our growing community.

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About Impact Boards Emerging Markets Ltd 

We are led by a team of board members and high-profile Emerging Markets experts with a finance and legal background, each of whom has spent 20+ years in leading global corporations, researching emerging markets and promoting best governance practices in the region. 


We believe that better governance and a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities facing companies helps them perform better in the long-term. The role of Boards, as company stewards responsible for guiding the sustainability strategy for companies, is critical in this regard.


Our objective is to create a stakeholder ecosystem around board members, as we believe that collaboration across stakeholders is needed to influence change and impact best practices in corporate governance.  

Our Corporate Brief is available to download by clicking here. Please contact us for further information.

Our mission is to:  

Unite: Build a community of global board members and stakeholders to promote best practices of corporate governance in emerging markets.  

Impact: Board effectiveness by engaging with directors to incorporate best practices on board independence, diversity and climate awareness  


Educate: Boards through knowledge sharing (events and networking opportunities), research (proprietary and third-party) and training seminars (group and bespoke).  

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For more information on Impact Boards Emerging Markets, its partners, ongoing events, projects and research initiatives related to Board practices in Emerging Markets, contact the team.

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