About Us


Establish a regular and constructive dialogue between Board members, investors, policymakers and think tanks on ESG issues


The best practices of corporate governance in EM, recommended by international organisations agreed by Impact Boards and its stakeholders


Provide in-house or third-party training/research and toolkits for Boards and regulatory white papers on trending themes in sustainable business, with tangible impact on stakeholders and society




Make a leveraged impact on society through company Boards to combat climate change, promote diversity and address social challenges


Increase the number of non-executive directors to 50% and the share of women to at least 30% on EM Boards, improve skill, expertise and industry diversity


Encourage every EM company to introduce climate strategy and ESG committee on Boards


Build a unique professional community of Board Members in EM

Provide bespoke board advisory service and research to our partners

Publish regular research on the energy transition and corporate governance transformation in EM

Unite global business leaders, experts, market participants, regulators

Help Board members in EM companies to understand risks and opportunities in the changing world

Position EM companies to become global powerhouses

Improve independence and diversity of the EM Boards

Our Target Network

*Number of companies we cover in each country