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Capital Access for EM Companies: Tapping into International Markets through ESG and Good Governance

18 January 2024

There is growing evidence that good corporate governance has a proven correlation on the resilience of the business, its long-term prosperity, and credit quality, according to research studies done by reputable institutions. The perception of governance may have a material bearing on the ability of the business to attract or not investment flows.  Long-term sustainability considerations are also becoming critical success or risk factors.

Company’s boards and top executives are increasingly under pressure from stakeholder capitalism, faced with litigation, reputational damage and regulatory fines. Owners of capital – asset owners, asset managers and individuals – are one of the big drivers of such activism, supported by technology and social media to help broaden their influence.

PWC’s 2021 report highlighted that sustainability matters are an important part of the board’s agendas. Topics ranging from decarbonisation to diversity and inclusion to linking executive pay to ESG performance are gaining prominence in boardrooms. As the boards’ roles as stewards of the company continue to expand, it is also important to remember that boards are not only influencing the internal corporate strategy but also externally throughout the value chain.

Impact Boards EM and Freshfields will bring together stakeholders that are influencing the flow of capital towards well-run businesses. Speakers will discuss why this will continue to gain momentum, how investors can drive best practices of corporate governance, how boards can influence a top-down implementation of inclusive corporate culture and how better alignment between investors and companies’ directors can help in addressing challenges associated with climate change, diversity and risk management.

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