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Building your NED portfolio: You’ve got your First Role, What Now?

26 June 2024

Building your NED portfolio: You’ve got your First Role, What Now?

Impact Boards EM and NED Career Services hosted a one-hour complimentary interactive online webinar featuring Board professional recruiter and experienced Board educator, Mike Clancy.

This was the first introductory event, following the recent announcement of our partnership. This session provided a high-level perspective for both current Board Directors and aspiring Directors as they seek to expand their Board roles.

This introductory seminar will be followed by three dedicated seminars beginning in September 2024.

In this introductory seminar, Mike addressed the following questions for a broad constituency of Board ready professionals and existing Directors wishing to expand their portfolios:

When starting a portfolio NED career you will be told the hardest part is to secure your first role.

  • What about after that?

  • How do you build on the foundation of the first role?

  • How hard is it to build your portfolio up to three or four roles?

In addressing these questions, Mike drilled down on the following topics:

  • Managing the shift from potential NED to experienced NED

  • Have you eliminated the first time NED risk?

  • What perceptions has your first role created?

  • The outside “looking in” and you “looking out”

  • Will more people be interested in you?

  • What will you be interested in now?

  • Does your networking change?

  • Do you slow down the outbound traffic and wait for the inbound?

  • What are your “reasons to be in touch” now?

  • Be honest – was securing the first role down to “a bit of luck”?

  • Managing your CV and key messages

  • Timing – when is it ideal to land future roles?

Mike used practical case studies to talk through some of the key issues of building out a portfolio career and facilitated an interactive Q&A session.

The video is available to view below. Please note that this video will be available to view for non-subscribed members until 31 July 2024 only.

Important Disclaimer: Chatham House Rules apply to this video recording. When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, subject to strict restrictions. Under these, the identities of third parties mentioned, event participants, the event speakers or their affiliations may not be revealed.

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