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Almost twenty years to the date of EU accession, Poland has been on the long road to standards convergence with the bloc’s rules and regulations.

It has not been straightforward, and convergence has not been in perfect lockstep due to differing political, cultural and regulatory approaches taken by different Polish governments.

Poland has transformed itself over the last twenty years, gradually moving up the value chain. Once a net recipient of EU funding and an outsourcing hub to the bloc in the initial years after accession, Poland is rapidly transforming itself into a vibrant center of innovation across automotive, high-tech manufacturing ventures and other sectors driving growth and development.

Politically, Poland has also changed, with a more pro-EU party now at the helm of government, likely to accelerate the regulatory and policy convergence with the EU.

The evolution is taking place at a difficult junction amidst regional geopolitics and a hot war taking place at its doorsteps.

During this interactive session, we discussed the main critical progress in corporate governance in the country since accession. We assessed the role of DFIs and PEs in accelerating cultural, strategic, and operational changes at the Board level. We also looked at the current effectiveness of Boards to adapt to the rapid pace of technological transformation, geopolitical pressure and political change. Finally, we examined the growing roles of independent directors, and the challenges coming with the change of guard at the Board as founding shareholders pass the baton to the next generation.

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