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​Corporate governance and sustainability standards in the Brazilian business context are evolving and constrained by  different pressures, both domestic and global. The conundrum of the controlling group is alive and well in Brazil, granting lopsided majority rights at Board level at a time when capital becomes more selective and demands more accountability.

Legislation, regulation, and market pressure call for higher governance standards to protect minorities and a more  conscious approach to climate related risks.  Additional pressures to improve standards in corporate governance and sustainability come from foreign regulators,  domestic or international stock exchanges, international investors and the banking sector. 

We had the pleasure of hosting an engaging and interactive dinner, where panelists shared their thoughts on corporate governance and stewardship culture in Brazilian companies. Panelists discussed their sustainability disclosures and reporting standards and the impact of international regulations (such as SFDR and CSRD) in the Brazilian context. They also debated the pressure stemming from banks and investors for higher corporate and climate governance standards.

** Delphos and Impact Boards EM co-host closed-door events around the world. These events are by invitation only. If interested, please contact us on for more information**

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