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Our expert panel of speakers discussed how to embrace collaboration between boards and stakeholders.

Board Dynamics: Embracing Collaboration

1) Tracing the historical evolution of stakeholder collaboration
- Unpacking the nuances of board dynamics and the human factors influencing effective governance
- Deciphering the primary point of contact for stakeholders: Management or Board Members?
- Offering insights into identifying common issues and providing practical tips to enhance board dynamics and foster collaboration among stakeholders.

2) Navigating Ethical Waters: The Board's Influence on Organizational Culture
- Highlighting the pivotal role of the board in shaping an organization's ethical compass and culture
- Analyzing the composition and effectiveness of boards in establishing a positive tone
- Recognizing the inherent challenges in cultivating and managing relationships with stakeholders.

3) Unlocking Capital for Emerging Market Companies
- Exploring strategies for emerging market companies to access international markets through the application of good governance principles
- Examining real-world case studies to illustrate the repercussions of a lack of positive communication with stakeholders.

** Delphos and Impact Boards EM co-host closed-door events around the world. These events are by invitation only. If interested, please contact us on for more information**

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