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​Board role in Sustainability: 
We will explore the responsibilities and board strategies for steering GCC companies toward sustainable practices, emphasising the importance of diversity in shaping corporate agendas and fostering innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Challenges and ways of fostering Diversity at the Board Level in GCC Countries:
Participants will engage in a thought-provoking conversation on the importance of cognitive, cultural, expertise, and background diversity at the Board level. We will discuss international best practices, highlighting challenges and opportunities in the Middle East.

Moreover, this discussion aims to unravel the importance, obstacles, and benefits of setting up and implementing proper succession planning at the board and top management levels.

Our speakers shared their expertise and success cases where diverse boards contributed to innovation, resilience, and enhanced decision-making in GCC countries and internationally. They examined the role of board diversity in shaping corporate reputation in the GCC region and in an international context. They also delved into how a diverse and inclusive board enhances stakeholder trust, contributes to sustainable growth, and aligns with global best practices.

** Delphos and Impact Boards EM co-host closed-door events around the world. These events are by invitation only. If interested, please contact us on for more information**

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